Saturday, March 14, 2009

Hello Today

Poor Australia, we’ve been taking quite a beating over here. First the fires, then floods, an earthquake, and just recently there was an oil spill right off the coast of where I live. I wanted to help clean it up, but they weren’t letting any untrained volunteers in. They keep showing footage of dead turtles covered in slick washed up on the beach. The news over here has been depressing the past few weeks, so if any of you have any cute stories or a happy article about a puppy becoming friends with a duck or something like that, please leave them in the comments.

Despite not being able to watch TV without seeing bad news, I’ve had a great time so far this semester. I get along with everyone in my flat (the jerky note-leaver has gone, hooray!) and have especially become close friends with the other girls in only a short period of time. This year is looking considerably better than the last, everything’s looking up Milhouse! Like always, I have a very strange bunch of classes to further my already schizophrenic transcript:

*Romantic and Victorian Literature- We read awesome novels written by long dead authors.
*Ghosts and the Gothic- We read awesome novels written by long dead opium addicts.
*Human Biology- We study biology way more in-depth than high school. The teacher shows pictures of unspeakable things that make all the medical students around me go ‘oooh’ while I try not to throw up.
*Digital Imaging- We Photoshop. From 6-8 pm on freaking Macs in a freezing cold room. I try not to smash the computer.

Fridays are my free days, so I spend a few hours volunteering in the food co-op. Which is nice because I get paid in store credit so it’s the closest I have to a job for now. Will work for soy milk. While sitting behind the ancient cash register that mocks my basic math skills, I realized that yesterday was the two year anniversary of the infamous Spring Break ‘bar fight’ incident with The Horrors. This trip down memory lane was then burst when a Hare Krishna customer asked me to help him pull a splinter out of his thumb.


Anonymous said...

A friend recently rescued an 8-year old Bichon-Poodle mix (Bichy-Poo!!)from a puppy mill. The dog lived in a crate in a warehouse popping out pups like a Pez dispenser!

Since then, the dog is learning to play and chase things. She hates squirrels and pigeons, as do I, and has even got her mouth on a pigeon very briefly.

It's very heartwarming to see this old dog learn some new tricks after being a puppy machine for so long.


Julie said...

Give Australia a hug for me (I know you can figure out how!). Glad this year is better now all bitchy flatmates are removed. I am jealous of your classes. Well, not really the biology one. Eugghh

The Awkward American said...

Aww, thanks Uncle Fred and Julie!
Hooray for happy puppies and fat kitties. :]