Wednesday, August 6, 2008

They're like, "Whehs the caah?" and we're like, "Wihs the cah?"

And then at the end the three of them go stand outside the Australian Embassy and flip it off, haha.
I keep watching 'Flight of the Conchords' with my flatmates, which makes it even better because one gets all mad when they make jokes about Australia (the others don't mind). There's a New Zealander in the dorms on my friend's floor and every time I see him, I say "Brit? Prizint. Jirmain? Prizint. Murray? Prizint. Ivrywin prizint? Litz start this band mitting!" Then he death stares me because I'm sure he gets jokes like that constantly. I think it's cute how New Zealanders pronounce the letter 'e' as 'i,' so I kid in good nature. They make fun of themselves on 'Flight of the Conchords' as well, and some of the jokes are true about both countries. Like when Bret and Jermain are fascinated because basic American TV has more than 4 channels.

Yes, there are really that few stations here. Well, there are technically seven, but two are repeats of other channels, and one is a crappy local channel. Though I shouldn't diss the latter, since that's what I watch most often. I haven't watched much recently because the TV is being hogged by the boys for rugby and AFL matches. The other day I woke up in my beige cinder block room, found a tall skinny guy in his pajamas yelling at a soccer match on TV, and forget what country I was in for a few seconds because I've experienced the same situation in three countries now. Guess I always end up living with tall skinny guys who get very angry at sports, haha (yeah, I'm talkin' 'bout you, Matt).

One of the great things about living with so many people is that someone is always around, and in our case, usually doing something weird. A few days ago, I took a break from watching movies (hey, I don't have any assignments yet) to take a walk and as I leave, my flatmate who works at a donut shop comes in with two dozen chocolate frosted donuts she managed to snag. Actually, they were just normal glazed, but she also had the melting chocolate and truffle shavings to make them fresh. I took a picture of the amazing sight (so much for my walk, eh?) before we demolished them:
As we're eating these, one of the guys says, "Oh, I should probably just have one. I'm a bit full from eating all that cookie dough earlier!" I thought he was joking, but a good ten minutes later, he's gnawing on a half-finished tube of raw chocolate chip cookie dough and reading aloud to us from an article he found online about a creepy British guy who has sex with his cars. Give us a month and this whole flat is going to get diabetes, I swear. Geez, are we a healthy bunch. That Freshman Fifteen I never got may just show up now if we continue like this.

To bring things full circle back to my favourite Kiwis, here's a clip that I have probably watched 30 times and still laugh at all the same parts. Um, just like I do with the actual Lord of the Rings...

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xxorranaxx said...

This post reminded me how much I missed FotC..
So the second chapter I saved but I think I forgot to post it. Will do so tonight.