Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Finally online

I now know that a lot of airports don’t have free wireless, a shocker to an East Coast American such as myself. I thought I could spend my time online while waiting at the terminal or in cafes, but nope. So that’s why it took me so long to get in contact with everyone, hope nobody was freaking out about it. Anyway, as you may know, two years ago I moved to Scotland for a few months. There I had to type out multiple e-mails and IMs to people about what shenanigans I was getting into (even though there weren’t many, at least compared to the people I lived with). That got a bit annoying at times, especially when my computer would be a jerk and randomly delete everything two seconds before I hit ‘send.’ Hence the point of me making this blog, so people could have a general idea of how/ what I was doing so I don’t snap and bludgeon my laptop with a boomerang the thousandth time I get asked an annoying vague question such as, “So what’s it like there?” And no, that doesn’t mean I’ll stop writing personal e-mails, call, IM, etc. Geez.

Anyway, I had planned to write about the various stages of my journey to Australia, but being incredibly bored, I decided to do a comic version as I went along. I'll put that up shortly, but for now I'll share this wonderfulness, which I've been making fun of relentlessly for the past few days:

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kilojoolz said...

i love that you posted the party-throwing guy. me & my roommate are a little obsessed. we've transposed the "i'll say i'm sorry but i'm not taking off my glasses" line into all aspects of our everyday life. basically any time we agree to do one thing but not another it's said in an austrailian accent.

romy: do you want to go to the dining hall and get some soup?
me in accent: i'll go to the dining hall but i won't eat any soup.

love, your dear family friend, julia.